The Sandwich Bar Open In Ubud

One of the leading names in the Bali’s culinary industry, the Sandwich Bar Indonesia opened up a new branch in Ubud this month. Less than a year old the first Sandwich Bar located in Sanur has already become a favorite amongst sandwich lovers and SMG Indonesia as the founder of the brand decided to expand to meet its evolving customer base. Their wide spectrum of sandwich menu is raging positive reviews from all over the island start from the meat lovers to the vegans.

We provide impeccable customer service through highly professional and trained team of waiters and waitresses. From pleasantly greeting diners the minute they walk through the restaurant door to listening intently to their needs, their team is well versed on the menu. During the opening month, we’re happy to welcome everyone with our promotions All Day Menu IDR 100.000 for coffee, juice and salad / sandwich, or just have a quick booster at IDR 50.000 for coffee and bakery. We make sure that you get what you order. Besides the menu we has prepared for the guests, they also can do their own preference favorite, start from IDR 20.000. Also we have daily Happy Hour from 4 PM – 5 PM for sandwiches and salads. Our aim is providing affordable yet delectable menu coupled with the provision of a peaceful ambience does just that.

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