Have you ever heard a quote, “Be a traveller not a tourist”? The quote has a simple meaning that it’s better to explore the town when you’re travelling and not only following the public movement.

If you’ve got an appetite for a small journey, then this exhilarating excursion to Gianyar is perfect for you. Spend a full day exploring the highlight of the Bali East coast, start with a scrumptious breakfast in The Sandwich Bar before going off to spot the African wildlife in The Bali Zoo and having 3 courses lunch at Central Food Village overlooking the Savanna. Then  embark to finish the journey at The Flamingo Bali Beach Club. The contrasting tone from the black sand of Saba beach blends with the blue color from the Indian ocean will make you feel integrated into this wonderful environment. Great for a family day out or simply to get away from the hustle of Bali for something more laid-back with 2 hours unlimited drinks. This experience is a full day packed with adventure, fun and extra informations of the wild animals, all within a short distance.

Spoil your loved one, start from IDR 795.000++/ couple or treat the whole family (parents and up to 2 kids below 10 years) at IDR 1.250.000++ and get ready to make wonderful memories together. Extended fun is also available including 1 night stay at The Sanctoo Suite and a half-day self-drive car starting from IDR 1.895.000++/ couple and IDR 2.400.000++/family. For further information and reservations please contact our team at bookings@smgindonesia.com